School Photobooks

A New Angle on Primary School Photography

Smile Photobooks offers an alternative for primary school photos that is much more than just a school yearbook or class photo. We capture a fantastic moment in children’s lives that everyone will want to look back on for many years to come.  We all love our primary school photos whether we look back at old class photos and laugh or remember our friendships they are a treasure to every one of us.

School Photography Photobooks

This is our main product and one you won’t have seen in the UK before, they are particularly suited to primary school photography with the ability to cut out and swap pictures with friends, but are suitable for all age groups offering a fun and exciting alternative to traditional primary school class photos.

Every one of our full colour, A4 Photobooks is full of pin sharp photos, all beautifully printed on high quality card.

Each Photobook includes:

  • a photo of your school with a personal message from the head teacher
  • a full page head and shoulders photo
  • a full page whole class photo of the whole class with teachers or tutors
  • individual passport size photos of all the classmates
  • cut out and keep passport size portrait photos, bookmarks and labels for the kids to swap and stick in their own Photobooks
  • ‘scrapbook’ pages for achievements, autographs and messages

You can take a good look at one of our previous Photobooks by simply clicking here.

Canvas prints and more

Each custom Photobook also includes a unique ID code that gives parents access to their own order page on this website.

Here, they’ll be able to order or download a whole range of personalised items, including canvas prints, traditional prints, additional Photobooks, more details coming soon…

The ordering process couldn’t be easier and within a few clicks, the order will be paid for, logged and ready for delivery to parents’ homes as soon as the items have been produced.