Give your schools photography a complete makeover with a school photo book

Every year it’s the same old headache – trying to organise the class photo’s around everybody’s busy schedule. Well, why don’t we give you a helping hand?

Smile Photobooks is a new idea here in the UK that brings traditional schools photography into the digital age and does all the hard work for you.

What you get is a fantastic, beautifully printed 12-page photo book in the form of an A4 sized booklet with photos of the kids, class photos of their classmates and their teachers all bound in a school memories book that parents and relatives will want to keep forever.

And it won’t cost any more than the old ‘glossy-photo-in-a-cardboard-frame’ that schools and parents have had to put up with for so long.

We’ll organise the whole shoot in just one visit, sort all the payments out and make sure that everything’s exactly how you want it.

Be among the first to adopt school photo books as the new standard in schools photography, all you have to do is give Smile Photobooks a call on 0208 675 4096 or email and we’ll do the rest.